Tinting benefits the owner in many ways: it offers daytime privacy; it offers reduced interior temperatures which relate to a more efficient cooling system reducing your energy costs, and it can block up to 99% of the sun's ultra violet rays that can cause harm to your expensive window treatments, retail displays and merchandise.

At Home

For your home, window tint protects your expensive furniture, draperies and rugs. Ultra violet rays cause fading and pre-mature age and wear on your valued possessions, protect them now with one of many shades ranging from clear to ''black out'' for whatever suits your needs.

In the Workplace

Sun glare in the workplace is more than just a nuisance, it elevates temperatures, raising cooling costs, distracts employees, reducing productivity. Workers sometimes make up ''homemade'' sunshade methods like file folders, pizza boxes etc taped to office windows, probably not a good way to impress that VIP client or investor. A comfortable employee is a more productive employee.

Restaurant owners, stop losing customers and revenue due to excessive sun glare. Nobody wants to eat a meal while squinting. A comfortable customer stays longer, has dessert, and has a second glass of wine, increasing sales in your dining room.

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