Expedite Storefronts & Glass  offers a complete line of decorative / specialty window films that offer many of the energy saving and privacy qualities of window tint, but do so with more style.

Frosted Film

We offer frosted film to allow for daylight to brighten a room but to give total privacy, a great item to have in child care type applications, It keeps children cool and comfortable without the distractions of passer-bys and traffic outside the facility. Also works well in senior care facilities as well to eliminate sun glare to those with sensitive eyes. Add safety and style with decorative marking strips to your all glass store front. It increases visibility and awareness to distracted patrons, reducing the chance of an injury .

Clear Film

Clear window films offer the owner ultra violet protection with the added bonus of security. It protects your storefront glass from vandals scratching graffiti on your expensive glass , eliminating a costly replacement. It protects high traffic showcases from scratches by handbags, packages and jewelry, and here's the best , it offers the merchant protection and security! It does so by adding a layer of security on glass show cases that prevents brazen ''smash and grab'' theft attempts. With the 4mil. thick film in place the glass will retain enough integrity to prevent a would-be thief from breaking glass and removing its contents. Residential windows on average don't offer much in the way of security, thieves know this. By placing a protective film on your home, if a burglary attempt is made, entry to your home is not that easy for the thief.

Invest in your protection now and call Expedite Storefronts & Glass to see how we can help protect your home and business.